Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 3: "For the Good of Their Country"

   In his February 3, 1776 letter to Samuel Lyman, Continental Congressman from Connecticut Oliver Wolcott wrote, “The Ladys I hope will still make themselves contented to live without Tea for the good of their Country.” 
   Wolcott understood that the Patriotic commitment of American women was vital to their country's cause.  In Dartmouth, Massachusetts, fifty-seven women not only pledged to use no more India tea but also pressured a local gentleman to surrender his.  In Edenton, North Carolina in October 1774, fifty-one ladies formed an Association to support the measures of the North Carolina Provincial Congress (read about them here).
   German-American pacifist communities like the Moravian Brethren trained men and women to care for the sick and wounded.  Read about the Revolutionary commitment of many German-Americans at the post here.  
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