Monday, February 14, 2011

January 5, 1774: Women and Revolution

On Monday, Jan. 10, 1774, Rhode Island newspaper The Newport Mercury reported news from the nearby New Bedford, Dartmouth area of Massachusetts, about events occurring the previous Wednesday (Jan. 5):

Last Wednesday 57 ladies, of Bedford, in Dartmouth, had a meeting, at which they entered into an agreement not to use any more India tea: And having heard that a gentleman there had lately brought home some, they requested he would immediately return the same, which he complied with, upon which the ladies treated him with a glass of this country wine, and dismissed him, highly pleased with their exemplary conduct, for which a number of gentlemen present gave him three cheers in approbation of his noble behaviour.

The meeting in New Bedford, Massachusetts might remind readers of the Ladies' Patriotic Guild formed in Edenton, North Carolina, mentioned in an earlier post.
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