Friday, February 8, 2013

February 9: Abraham Brower Captured

The February 9, 1778 issue of The New-York Gazette; and The Weekly Mercury (New York City) gave the following information about Abraham Brower of the New Jersey militia:

  Brower the Person who last Week murdered Mr. John Richards, of New-Barbados Neck, has…been secured, and was on Thursday Afternoon lodged in the Custody of the Provost Guard.
   Upon examining into the Means used by the four intrepid and loyal Persons, who voluntarily undertook to apprehend the aforesaid Brower, and brought him to Town, it was found they had endured inexpressible Anxiety and Fatigue; to reward such brave and fortunate Exertions, a Subscription is opened at Mr. Rivington’s and Mr. Gaine’s for collecting the Contributions of those who have a generous Sensibility of their spirited Enterprize.

   For conflicting accounts of Loyalist Captain John Richards, please consult the post here.  Hugh Gaine published The New-York Gazette: and The Weekly Mercury and James Rivington published The Royal Gazette, both newspapers published within British-occupied New York City and guided by a Loyalist editorial policy.  For a story about Rivington from Historian Carol Sue Humphrey, please check this video from YouTube channel Rag Linen presents Reporting the Revolutionary War:

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