Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 17: News From Halifax

   Philadelphia, PA newspaper The Pennsylvania Evening Post of March 6, 1777 reprinted news from Boston dated February 17, 1777.  The report mentioned a proclamation by the Howe brothers, General Sir William Howe and Admiral Richard Lord Howe.  The Howes’ proclamation offered of amnesty to those renouncing American independence and pledging loyalty to Britain’s King George III.  
   “By a person lately from Halifax, we learn that when the Howe’s proclamation was proffered to the American prisoners to sign (notwithstanding they were confined on board a guard ship, and told that General Howe had got possession of Philadelphia) they, like true Americans, to a man, nobly disdained to do it.”
For more on the Howe Brothers, and the possibility they were cousins of George III, please visit the post here.
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