Monday, February 25, 2013

Only Kind Out of Fear? No

   On February 27, 1777, Boston newspaper The Independence Chronicle and the Universal Advertiser reported, “By a Passage from the London Papers…it appears, That the Mildness of this Government, and the Generosity of the Whigs to the Tories, is attributed altogether to our Timidity, and an Apprehension that our Cause is gone.
   The Independence Chronicle editorial offered, “It is in this Manner our Enemies construe all we say and do.  The Humanity with which we have treated those who have fallen into our Hands by the Fortune of War, is ascribed to the same Principle of Fear; and had been returned by the most barbarous Treatment of the Subjects and Friends of the United State, who have fallen into their Hands; even the Sailors on Voyages of meer Trade.  They have been murdered in a systematical Way, by crowding them together in Cells and Dungeons, and gradually starving them.  This is not high painting, it is literally true.” 
   For the frequent American observation that British prisoners were ungrateful for kind treatment, please visit the posts "A Prisoner's Gratitude" and  "February 20: Prisoners in Lancaster PA." 
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