Wednesday, February 15, 2012

War and Devastation

In a February 16, 1776 letter to fellow New Yorker James Duane, Robert Livingston expressed hope that British opposition to the war in America could force British reconciliation with America.

Confiding mixed feelings, Livingston wrote, "This I know that another year of war and devastation will confirm me a republican though at present I wish to join hand with a nation which I have been accustomed to respect, yet I am persuaded that the continuance of the war will break my shackles and I shall learn to despise the pusillanimity of our British friends and abhor the cruelty of our foes."

Paul H. Smith, et al., editors, Letters of Delegates to Congress: Vol. 3: January 1, 1776-May 15, 1776 (Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1978), 265.
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