Saturday, February 11, 2012

Like Men Determined

     On February 12, 1776, Congressman John Penn from North Carolina wrote to Thomas Person, "General Clinton left Boston about three weeks ago.  He called at New York last week to pay Governor Tryon a visit...."
     Irish-born William Tryon served as the lieutenant-governor and then governor of North Carolina (1765-1771) before becoming governor of New York (1771-1780) for the British.  Penn suspected Clinton planned to invade North Carolina and wanted Tryon's advice on that province. 
      Penn wrote, "I make no doubt but the Southern Provinces will soon be the Scene of action, as our enemies may hope to obtain greater success there than at the North....  The People to the Northward have Spirit and Resolution which I doubt not will carry them victorious through this Contest, I hope we to the Southward shall act like men determined to be free."

Paul H. Smith, et al., eds., Letters of Delegates to Congress: Vol. 3: January 1, 1776-May 15, 1776 (Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1978), pages 238 and 239.
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