Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 8

On November 8, 1778, William Whipple, a New Hampshire delegate to Congress, wrote to Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.

Please to make my most respectful Compliments to Your Good Lady, who I hope will so far retract her promise, as to give me an opportunity (when peace is happily Established) to introduce her to such persons in Portsmouth as will be very happy in having an opportunity of making a visit to that C[o]untry agreeable to her.

I have taken up my Quarters at Liberty Hall where you know is a set, well agreed in Political Sentiments, & I think I may say with great certainty that they are as well agreed in sentimen[ts] of Esteem & Respect for you. I anticipate the pleasures of some long winter Evenings where with a Social pipe and Friendly Glass we shall call to mind our worthy Friend & Heartily join in wishing he may soon add to our little Circle.
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