Friday, November 6, 2009

November 10

In a story with the dateline of Boston, November 10, 1777, The Norwich Packet (Norwich, Connecticut) compared the treatment of the British Army captured at Saratoga (Oct. 17, 1777) to the British treatment of Americans captured at the Battle of Fort Washington (Nov. 16, 1776):

Boston, November 10, 1777
Beef, pork, wood &c. &c. have been for several days, carting to the barracks at Cambridge, for the subsistance of...General Burgoyne's army.--Not so was the treatment of our poor countrymen, who have fallen into the hands of the inhuman General Howe; particularly those taken at Fort Washington, when 2000 were made prisoners, carried through the city of New-York, and treated with all the insult possible; were afterwards thrown into large store-houses, where they remained four days without any subsistance, and kept there till near two thirds of them perished.--Blush Britons! blush!

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