Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 1774

Lieutenant Governor William Bull of South Carolina, a royal appointee, wrote to Lord Dartmouth (William Legge, Second Earl of Dartmouth), the British secretary of American affairs, "Without giving your Lordship the trouble of another letter upon the result of the late Congress at Philadelphia, which doubtless hath long since reached your Lordship's hands, I beg leave only to add, that the disposition of this Province, in their political discontents, remain the same; that the people of the Province are, in the beginning of next January, again to choose Deputies to repair to the Philadelphia Congress by the 10th of May; and that I have farther prorogued the General Assembly to the 24th day of January, before which time we expect to receive some accounts of the measures that shall be adopted by the new Parliament relative to American affairs."
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