Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25, 1776

     On September 25, 1776, the Pennsylvania Council of Safety resolved, "Mr. Nesbitt to pay Elijah Etting, for dieting ten Soldiers, prisoners of war, seven days after their arrival at Yorktown, before they were put in quarters, £3 15s.; to be charged to Congress."
     In this document, "Yorktown" means York, Pennsylvania, not Yorktown, Virginia, where a British Army under General Charles Lord Cornwallis surrendered 
October 19, 1781 to George Washington and a combined force of Americans and their French allies.  In a November 28, 1782 sermon of thanksgiving, Rev. John Witherspoon thanked God for the help of France.  
     In 1775, the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety appointed John Maxwell Nesbitt Paymaster to the Pennsylvania Fleet.  On July 27, 1776, the Council of Safety appointed Nesbitt Treasurer.  
     Elijah Etting (1724-1778) was a German-born merchant in York, Pennsylvania and an adherent of the Jewish faith
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