Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 3, 1777: Battle of Princeton Anecdote

ANECDOTE.--After the battle of Princeton on the 3d of this instant, General Washington perceiving a wounded soldier belonging to the enemy laying on the field, came up to him, and after enquiring into the nature of his wound, commended him for his gallant behaviour, and assured him that he should want for nothing that his camp could furnish him.--After the General left him an American soldier who thought he was dead, came up in order to strip him; the General see[ing] it, bid the soldier begone, and ordered a sentry to stand over the wounded prisoner till he was carried to a convenient house to be dressed.--The Pennsylvania Packet, January 22, 1777

William S. Stryker, editor, Documents Relating to the Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey: Vol. I: Extracts From American Newspapers Vol. I: 1776-1777 (Trenton, New Jersey: The John L. Murphy Publishing Co., 1901), page 268
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