Saturday, March 15, 2014

surprised by kind treatment

“Japanese prisoners taken by the United States forces in the Solomon Islands fighting...were so surprised by the humane treatment they have received that many have expressed a desire never to return to Japan, according to an announcement today by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz's Pacific Fleet headquarters.”
The New York Times, 15 September 1942 

“We learn from Pennsylvania, that many of the Hessian prisoners have offered to enlist in our army, but that their offer was declined for the present.  They express great joy at being released from their late masters, and were greatly surprised to find themselves treated with clemency and kindness.”
The Norwich Packet (Norwich, Connecticut), 3 February 1777

The Revolutionary Generation of Americans, as well as the World War Two generation, embraced humane sentiments about the kind treatment of captive enemies.  Perhaps the influence of popular culture fostered magnanimity, associating mercy with bravery.  
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