Thursday, December 6, 2012

Battle of Great Bridge, VA

Newspapers around America published a report with the dateline of December 23 in Williamsburgh, Virginia:  "A correspondent, on whose information we may depend, informs us, that our soldiers shewed the greatest humanity and tenderness to the wounded prisoners at the late engagement at the Great Bridge.  Several of them [that is, several of the American soldiers] ran through a hot fire to lift up and bring in some that were bleeding, and who they feared would die, if not speedily assisted by the surgeon."

The Battle of Great Bridge occurred in Virginia on December 9, 1775.  Newspapers reprinting the December 23 column included the January 17, 1776 issue of The Constitutional Gazette of New York City.  The Virginia Convention praised the "humane treatment" of enemy prisoners at the Battle of Great Bridge.  
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