Thursday, July 19, 2012

NY Convention to Litchfield Committee

On 19 July 1776, with the British landing in New York, the Convention of New York wrote to the Committee of Litchfield, Connecticut.

As this State is now attacked by the common enemy, and our jails are in general so near to the sea-coast and the banks of Hudson's River as to render it extremely imprudent to continue prisoners of a certain cast longer in them, the Convention have therefore come to a resolution to send thirteen prisoners, who are accused of notorious disaffection to the rights and liberties of the American be confined in your jail till we have formed a civil constitution and established courts of justice....

The New York State governing body remarked, "The Convention have observed such a zeal in our brethren of Connecticut, upon every occasion, to give all assistance to their neighbours, that it is scarce necessary to mention to you that his Excellency General Washington has recommended them to send all our prisoners, whose remaining in this State would be attended with dangerous consequences, to Connecticut."  
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