Monday, March 12, 2012

March 13, 1775: As Merciful as They are Bold

A report from Boston dated March 13, 1775 described magnanimous treatment shown by American Whigs to Massachusetts Tories.
“We are informed, that through the prudent and spirited behavior of the minute men in and near Petersham, a little inveterate knot of conspirators against the constitution of their country, has been entirely broke up—they were made prisoners in a house they had fortified; and upon their signing an engagement not to act against their country for the future, and to behave themselves peaceably, the WHIGS, who are as merciful, as they are bold and resolved, have forgiven their offences, and promised them favor so long as they keep up to their engagements.”
The Pennsylvania Evening Post (Philadelphia), 23 March 1775
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