Monday, March 8, 2010

military trials

In Political Sermons of the Founding Era, 1730-1803: Volume 1: 1730-1788 (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1998 [1991]), Ellis Sandoz presents the 1773 pamphlet, "An Oration Upon the Beauties of Liberty." People once attributed the work to Isaac Skillman, but scholars later attributed the sermon to Baptist preacher John Allen.

Allen presented the sermon as an open message to Lord North: "Suppose your Lordship had broke the laws of his king, and country; would not your Lordship be willing to be try’d by a jury of your peers, according to the laws of the land? How would your Lordship like to be fetter’d with irons, and drag’d three thousand miles, in a hell upon earth? No! but in a hell upon water, to take your trial?"
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